Sunday Night Reflections

Posted by sky Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sitting on my couch…in awe of who HE is and what HE is doing…want to share a few thoughts…

  • Saw over 20 people give their lives to Jesus today…THAT never gets old.
  • Opened our newest location in Columbia today (thanks for all of the tweets who kept me updated!)
  • We were expecting 200 to show up…prayed that we would see at least 300…and 527 people showed up…THANK YOU JESUS that we are seeing Ephesians 3:20 come to life right in front of our eyes.
  • God has been SO faithful to us…I can't believe this, and yet again why would I expect anything less from a God who has plans that would absolutely blow my mind if He downloaded them on me!  (I Corinthians 2:9)
  • We began our series on the end times today…looked at Matthew 24…and we did NOT SET A DATE as to when Jesus is going to return.
  • Jesus said we would not know the date…but we would be able to see the season (Matthew 24:32-33)
  • I did NOT get into pre-trib, mid-trib, post-trib, pre-millennial, post-millennial…or ANYTHING else along those lines because…I do not CARE!
  • I know this…Jesus said He is coming, that means He is coming…and I am READY when He does show up!
  • The point of this series is not to focus on WHEN He's coming back…but WHO He is and WHAT is going to happen.  (It will happen when He decides it will happen!!!)
  • The point in the message today that was the most disturbing was when I shared about the sex trade industry in regards to the love of most growing cold (See Matthew 24:12)
  • The two organizations we are talking with in trying to see what we, as a church, can do to help in rescuing girls from this industry is A21 and IJM…I linked their websites.  AMAZING people doing amazing things.
  • I will keep you posted in our services and on this blog in regards to what we are going to be doing…I do know this, now that I have been informed about what is going on the Lord is pressing into me for us to do something.
  • BTW…when God gives you a burden it isn't so you can "pray about it" and try to convince others to do something…but rather because He wants YOU TO DO SOMETHING.
  • Too many times God calls us to action and we miss it because getting involved would cause our comfort zones to be SHATTERED!
  • I am SO GLAD Jesus got out of HIS comfort zone (Isaiah 53:5-6)…and…and HIS followers we are called to do the same!!!
  • Heaven is NOT a place where we get to have our questions answered…but rather a place where we see who Jesus is!!!
  • I LOVED the way our services ended today…amazing!
  • NEXT week we will be talking about the two judgments that will be taking place in the end times.
  • AND…the next week I will attempt to preach through the entire book of Revelation in one message.
  • REALLY looking forward to our 10 year anniversary service in the BILO Center on Sunday, January 24…expecting over 15,000 people…can't wait!
  • ALSO really looking forward to our series beginning in November specifically targeting singles entitled, "Don't Get Married Until…"
  • Church planters…Rick Warren is saying that you need to go ahead and mark off February 9-11 of next year for the most radical church planting conference that has ever been put on…I can't wait!

That's about it…I am WIPED OUT…need some time with my pillow!

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