Ammiano bill does NOT legalize marijuana

Posted by sky Sunday, March 8, 2009

Comments on California Assembly member Ammiano's marijuana tax bill, AB 390 (as introduced)

The problems begin early, in fact with the title of the bill itself - the term "marijuana" is slang and should not be used in legislation. The proper terminology would incorporate all of the words cannabis, sativa, indica and ruderalis. The definition offered in the bill only includes sativa. Much worse are all the new crimes created and the fact that cannabis actually remains illegal except when obtained through state authorized channels. Deepening the offense, the idea that cannabis should be treated like alcohol and only allowed for age 21 years and up is just flat wrong and certainly unenforceable. Even killer tobacco is available to 18 year olds. Further, alcohol kills thousands in a variety of ways. No such harm has come to millions of regular cannabis consumers, except at the hands of their own government. Cannabis is SAFER than alcohol and it is a slippery slope to allow cannabis to be classified in the same category.

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